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  1. Thats the WoT builtin damage- and hitlog you are showing me how to turn off. Thats not what i want to turn off. This (marked with red) is what i want to turn off: Regards, HolgerDK
  2. Hi How do i turn off the damage done, damage spottted, damage blocked and targets spotted summary next to the teamlist? Because disabling the hitlog and damagelog does not turn it off. Regards, HolgerDK
  3. With the new football-mode WG micropatched WoT and i copied my mods to the new "" mods folder to activate them, and am now stuck on "Synchronizing discounts" and with the spinning "cogwheel". Edit: Nvm, i installed the latest nightly build (5769) and that fixed the issue.
  4. You can get the magazine/clip status back by turning off zoom-indicator in camera.xc by changing the "zoomIndicator" variable to "false" .
  5. Yeah, disabling XMQP seems to have fixed the freezing/DC'ing for me.
  6. Installed nightly build 5701 (on top of J1mB0's XVM config) today as someone wrote on the WoT EU forums that it fixes the freeze on battle exit, still freezes on exit. I have attached the xvm.log and python.log files. python.log xvm.log
  7. With the version the game freezes on exiting a battle and after a minute or two then disconnects me. I have tried with my regular mods (XVM and with just an XVM, as the only mod. python.log xvm.log
  8. So can i delete the Application.swf file if i update to the newest build? (build 2936 as i write this)
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