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    Years.xc Years.xc is a Tank History Informer , Now you can see what year your tank was developed in and you also can see if your tank is real or never was built. Yellow years represents real working tanks that the tank blueprints was developed in . The Purple years represents that the tank was never made , just blueprints of tank or prototype was never complete . In battle you also can see History informer for your tank . Yellow Year = Real Purple Year = Not Real @xvm.xc "years": ${"years.xc":"years"}, widgets.xc ${ "widgetsTemplates.xc":"years" } widgetsTemplates.xc }, "years": { "enabled": true, "layer": "top", "type": "extrafield", "formats": [ { "x":-480, "y": 57, "width": 150, "height":100, "screenHAlign": "center", "shadow": {"color":"0x000000", "distance": 2, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 3 }, "textFormat": { "valign": "center", "bold": "false", "size": 30 }, "format": "{{.years.{{v.sysname}}}}" } ] } In Battle @xvm.xc "years": ${"years.xc":"years"}, battleLabels.xc ${ "battleLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.develope"} battleLabelsTemplates.xc "def": { "develope": { "enabled": true, "layer": "top", "x":-550, "y": 920, "width": 300, "height":270, "screenHAlign": "center", "shadow": {"color":"0x000000", "distance": 1, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 3 }, "textFormat": { "valign": "center", "bold": "false", "size": 25 }, "format": "{{.years.{{vehiclename}}}}" } YEARS.xc Hawg's WOT Discord Mod Tech & Questions Year.xc Created By Hawg > Hawgs Alternative Xvm & One-fifty > Blue Moon Modifications Format Created By HEKPOMAHT Year Data Source : http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Main_Page
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    But, why in combat? in combat is the only possibility to "research" the build year "natural" you encounter the tank, you see the build year, this way you will remember it after you encountered the same tank over and over again you do not have to check hangar al the time.
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    Why do you need to see this information in battle?  i like to see it, i always have the feeling some tanks that are designed later, that they are better. (GERMAN tanks, need buff) but for me i like to learn what year they are designed and if those are "fake" tanks. just some more history to the game, that did draw me in game the first time. i always did read the discription of WG, untill they decided to leave the history out of it "mauerbrecher" i would love to see more mods like this, more concentrating on "history" instead of WN8 all the time
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    Ну и дела :) В шкафу под слоем пыли. Тогда начали с матерей и довольно быстро перешли на бар. И с тех времен ничего ещё не ломалось.
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    Паша купи себе GTX750 стоит сейчас копейки.
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    Golden Joystick — наш. Благодаря вам! Клац, если не сотрут.
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    ...спустя 4 года после прожарки... Она работает. Стабильно. Как новая. Чистить надо иногда только.
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    Reason I made it where you can see in battle is the same reason you can see other mods in battle like tanks skins , how long you been online,how many wins and lost you have, ect. Some players like to see extra information battle. I have done learned after over 100 mods that I have made and posting on internet in the past few years , Always someone wants to see it in battle or hangar to,so I all ways try to put it in both if I can.
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    опять какие то полумеры, Банить нужно беспощадно всех скалолазов, это же читеры! А магнитный прицел дать всем, а то не справедливо же.
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    @Leopard-_-, пожалуйста, не затирайте свои сообщения. Даже если для вас они потеряли актуальность, они могут быть полезны для других пользователей.
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